My Approach to Family Law

Hi, I'm Bill Rogers. Separation and divorce can be stressful, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I can help you get there, in a cost-effective way, while making sure your rights are protected.

My approach to family law is simple: it's best to stay out of court, but if you have to go don't worry – it's designed to help you. Always stay honest, try to be courteous, and if you have children, be willing to support their relationship with your ex. This is a winning strategy that will open the door to better times ahead! 

Contact me if you want to talk about your situation: 

(416) 729-8755

45 St. Clair Ave. West

Suite 200

Toronto M4V 1K9

* sorry, I do not take Legal Aid cases


My courtroom experience includes numerous motions, and also several full-blown trials. Plus, I had the privilege of winning a major family law victory at the Ontario Court of Appeal (McConnell v. Huxtable) which prevented the imposition of a proposed – and terribly unfair – two-year deadline on property claims by unmarried spouses. (This groundbreaking case is now regularly cited by lawyers across Ontario, and other provinces too.) I also negotiate out-of-court solutions, practice Collaborative Law, and am a trained family law mediator.


My undergraduate degree is from Trinity College, University of Toronto, in music and philosophy, and my law degree is from Queen’s, where I won several academic prizes. I'm also a musician, amateur stand-up comedian, and award-winning journalist published in The Lawyers Weekly, National Post, and The Globe and Mail.